Emmanuel Levinas:
Infinity and the Face of the Other

The results of IPO 2014

The 22nd International Philosophy Olympiad has already ended. The closing ceremony and award ceremony took place at Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. This year the biggest number of medals was handed out in the history of IPO: 4 medals of gold, 8 medals of silver and 8 medals of bronze. 9 participants won honorable mentions.

The 22nd International Philosophy Olympiad 2014 in Lithuania is officially open!

The opening ceremony of the Olympiad yesterday took place at the City Hall of Vilnius. Lithuanian Vice-Minister of Science and education Svetlana Kauzonienė welcomed everyone in Lithuania and whished good luck at the Olympiad. Vice-minister drew attention that in complicated political situation as we are facing today, the Olympiad is dedicated to one of the famous philosophers of dialogue – Emmanuel Levinas.